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01、Ocean Shipping
03、Air Freight
01 Ocean Shipping

Ocean transport is one of the most important modes of transport in the international exchange of goods, cargo traffic accounts for about 80% of the total international cargo traffic, our marine products can provide you with a variety of services, is committed to high standards of integrated transport to meet all the needs of your maritime supply chain. No matter where your cargo needs to be shipped, our innovative solutions will be a bridge between you and the sales and sourcing markets, and we have ample space to efficiently meet the needs of our customers. Our insistence on consistent, loyal and reliable ocean freight services ensures that your goods reach your customers on time, making us the first choice for customers when choosing FCL and LCL transportation. Marine transport is carried out with the help of natural waterways, which are not limited by roads and tracks, and have strong passability. Routes and transportation can be changed at any time with the natural environment and political changes, can be adjusted and changed at any time to complete the transport task, and is also the artery of global trade, the "barometer" of the world economy, with low cost, wide coverage, large transportation volume and many other advantages. With the development of the international shipping industry, modern shipbuilding technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, ships are getting bigger and bigger, shipping has a super load capacity that other transportation channels do not have, we can combine the advantages of shipping to provide you with more high-quality logistics services.

02 Intermodal

Rely on our intermodal and rail services to gain more choice and control over your supply chain. We first deliver your containers to the designated port by sea, combining rail and truck transportation to deliver your goods to the designated location with the safest and most efficient solution. Railway freight transport in land transport is one of the main modes of modern transport, and it is also one of the two basic modes of transport that constitute land cargo transport. It occupies an important position in the entire field of transportation, and plays an increasingly important role, railway transportation due to the less affected by climate and natural conditions, and the transportation capacity and single vehicle loading capacity is large, in the regularity and low cost of transportation occupies the advantage, coupled with a variety of types of vehicles, so that it can carry almost any commodity, almost can not be limited by weight and volume, and these are road and air transport mode can not be compared. Once your cargo arrives at a sea port, combined with rail and wagon transport, we can easily make it easy for you to get a door-to-door service. The transportation strategy is independent of routes, is based on your goods and requirements, and does not rely on specific railways or a small number of routes, ensuring efficiency and cost savings. In transit, we integrate the specific cross-border transportation services you need into a multimodal transport solution, easily switching transportation modes and adding flexibility to your existing supply chain.

03 Air Freight

Although air cargo started late in the transportation industry, it has developed rapidly, especially by modern enterprise managers, one of the reasons is that it has many other modes of transportation can not be compared with the superiority, the most advantageous place is fast, is the international trade for valuables, fresh goods and precision instruments and other transportation is indispensable transportation program. With a global network and advanced logistics solutions, our air freight services provide you with a comprehensive solution to meet your various air freight needs. No matter where your shipments are destined and whatever your shipping deadline, we strive to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Relying on our partnerships with carriers, we can use freighters or passenger aircraft to take full care of your space and timing needs, whether it is expedited transportation or large cargo transportation, we can provide air freight products to meet your transportation needs within your budget and within the specified time. Whatever your needs and requirements, we're here to meet them, and we're also looking at a variety of delivery speeds and preferential air freight rates to make it easier to coordinate the cargo movement process and make everything more efficient and smooth.

Our Commitment

Our managers will establish an efficient, transparent and standardized communication mechanism, build a good communication channel and ensure that our cargo transportation service can run smoothly, adhere to the regular training of employees in professional ethics, business knowledge, and operating regulations, and promise to give customers more secure service.

In the process of promoting the implementation of sustainable development strategies and value creation, we focus on multiple creations, we will continue to cultivate talents, and establish a high-performance and diversified leadership team throughout the enterprise.

In the work, we promise that we will listen carefully to the suggestions of customers, but also put forward the most appropriate logistics plan we have come up with, we will actively assume our responsibilities when encountering problems, and actively and reasonably deal with various emergencies, which will make our cooperation more efficient.

We are committed to creating a culture of inclusion and belonging, valuing every employee and encouraging them to share their differences. Employees and customers are the foundation of the enterprise, cooperation can be win-win, our company promises to moral education, ideological and moral construction, the construction of cross-era spiritual civilization.

Our Vision

Service is our passion, on-time delivery is our top priority, we are not only able to meet the logistics needs of customers, we can make customers feel at ease and comfortable in service and communication with customers. In cooperation, customers are our eternal partners, customer satisfaction is our most basic vision, in addition, we are committed to increasing the investment in talent generation and management of the scope of operation, so as to create a stronger, more innovative, more successful team.

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